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This juvenile fiction introduces the reader to the epic battle of D-Day, the values of loyal friendship, and overcoming adverse events.

Willy and Sherman

Battle on the Beach

Sometimes, in the midst of battle, unlikely things occur. Characters who appear less gifted achieve things that transform them into heroes.

Willy, a high-spirited jeep, is convinced he is better than all the other jeeps. Sherman, a worried tank, is uncertain of his abilities in combat. They form a friendship on an army supply ship bound for England during World War II.

While in England, they train hard for the part they will play in the invasion of France. They try their best, but Willy and Sherman are bullied and teased for their poor wartime skills.

When D-Day begins, Willy’s and Sherman’s brave actions and selfless care of others benefit even their bullies. When Willy and Sherman are damaged and end up as spare parts for other vehicles, their situation looks hopeless. But what occurs next is something they’d never dream could happen.

This book is a welcome contribution to bringing history alive to the younger generation.  Though it is written with children in mind it will be a valuable must “read” for adults as well.  Too many in the younger generation have forgotten the contributions Americans have made for the benefit of others in the world.   Sacrifice, and devotion to the ideals that have made our country great throughout our history have been too often forgotten.  This book does a great job of restoring a sense of what it means to be an American.  It reminds us that what we have today is based on what we stand for and what we fought for.  It also reminds us that heroes do not always show themselves outwardly until they are thrust into difficult situations.  Written in an easy to understand style, Willy and Sherman: The Battle On the Beach is a “must read” for children, and again I must say, adults alike.


Lt. Col. (R) Thomas Christianson    

Senior Historian  - Office of the Secretary of Defense-Historical Office

1155 Defense Pentagon

Washington DC

I love it!  The historical setting (and accuracy), the names, the interesting characterization of Willy and Sherman (absent humans), the themes of friendship, dreams, victory - all excellent!  

B. J. Huizenga - Lead Administrator at Kalamazoo Christian School Association 

This book could be a lovely gift to a child whose grandparent served in the war. It gently tells a dramatic and powerful story of a time during WWII.

Alice Neve - Librarian and Supervisor of Outreach for the St. Paul Public Library.

An important story about a turning point in WWII brought to life by a loveable tank and jeep with valuable life lessons interwoven throughout. Great reading!

Melanie Brown  former teacher NEISD San Antonio, Texas

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